Shopping Wish

A must for all the stylish girls

Cat Eyes Red Lips

wish app

❤  Coat- Alice

❤  Sweater- New Yorker   ❤

❤   Skater Skirt- Terranova   ❤

❤   Tights- New Yorker   ❤

❤   Boots- Red Lips   ❤

Hey there pretty faces, happy weekend!

What have you got planned for the next days? I really want to take a few hours for myself and just do absolutely NOTHING. You know how sometimes you want to get home and watch a movie? Or you wait for the weekend to go for a walk in the park? Well, it’s just like that, except I want to just lay there and not do anything.

I’ve gotten really tired lately, and I didn’t even feel like shopping the other evening when I went to the mall (and above you have my outfit for that particular night). But one thing that I can make work is shopping online for pretty things, especially if it’s…

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